The Andrew Plan

The Andrew Plan for Outreach and Assimilation


The Andrew Plan for Outreach and Assimilation is a simple approach to bring the lost to Christ and to then assimilate them into the life of the church.


I. The Andrew Plan

I. 安得烈计划

The Andrew Plan gets it's name from the Apostle Andrew. We are told in the Bible that, as soon as Jesus called Andrew to be his disciple, Andrew went to his brother Peter and brought him to Jesus. Andrew didn't spend a lot of time arguing or trying to prove that Jesus was the Christ. He simply told Peter, "We have found the Messiah." And then we read, "He brought him to Jesus." It then was Jesus that did the evangelizing; not Andrew.

安得烈计划得名于使徒安得烈。圣经告诉我们,耶稣呼召安得烈作 他的门徒后,安得烈立即去找他的哥哥彼得,将他带到耶稣面前。安得烈没有花很多时间辩论或是尝试证明耶稣就是基督。他只是告诉彼得,“我们遇见弥赛亚 了。”然后我们读道,“于是领他去见耶稣。”然后是耶稣而不是安得烈在(向彼得)作传福音的工作。

That, in brief, is what the Andrew Plan is about. But it not only is a plan to bring the lost to saving faith in Christ. It is a plan to keep them from falling away by assimilating them into the life of the church. The Andrew Plan has three simple parts. Christians are encouraged to:


  • Attend a Bible information class where your acquaintance can learn the Bible's basic teachings.
  • Bring your unchurched acquaintance (friend, relative, associate, or neighbor) along with you.
  • When your acquaintance becomes a Christian and joins your church, mentor that individual until he or she becomes assimilated into the life of the church.

  • 参加圣经信息课程,让你所熟识的人能学习圣经的基要教导。
  • 将你没有入教的熟人(朋友,亲戚,同事或邻居)带到教会
  • 当你所熟识的人成了基督徒并加入教会后,指导和帮助此人直到他/她融入教会的生活。

II. The Advantages of the Andrew Plan


1. It's Simple 它简单

There is nothing complicated about this plan. You could easily explain it to anyone in a matter of minutes. In fact, it was this feature that one of our church elders found most attractive . After I presented it to our congregation, this man remarked, "You know, I really like this plan. But what I really like about it is that it is so simple." He was right. How difficult is it to invite your unchurched friends and relatives to worship or to a Bible class?

计划一点都不复杂。你可以在几分钟之内向任何人将此计划解释清 楚。事实上,我们的一位长老发现正是这一点最有吸引力。在我向教会报告这个计划时,这位先生评价道,“你知道,我真是喜欢这个计划。但我真正喜欢它的是它 如此简单。”他是对的。邀请你没有加入教会的朋友和亲戚参加敬拜或是查经班难道很难吗?

  1. It's Effective 它有效

There are many different ways to reach the lost for Christ. But surveys show that between 70% to 90% of people who are brought into the Church are brought in through this method. It's "friendship evangelism." It's what Andrew did when he brought his brother to meet Jesus.


3. It Involves Everyone 它使人人都参与

The Great Commission ("make disciples of all nations") was given to the Church, that is, to all Christians. This means that it's not just the job of those who are professionally trained (e.g. pastors and teachers) but all Christians are to share in this most important work.


4. It Will Bring Joy 它将带来喜乐

Inviting your acquaintances to learn about the gospel will bring them great joy. What greater joy is there than to know ... and to share ... that because of what Jesus did (he lived a perfect life for us and paid for our every sin on Calvary's cross) we are completely forgiven and have the certain promise of eternal life in heaven. But we also have the joy of knowing that we had a part in bringing a soul to Jesus. It has been one of my greatest joys in life to come to church and worship along side those whom I was privileged to say, as did Andrew, "Come and see."

邀请你熟识的人学习福音将带给他们很大的喜乐。再没有比知道……以及分享……因 为耶稣所作的(他活了完美的一生并且在各各他的十字架上为我们一切的罪过作了赎价),我们被完全赦免,并且拥有在天国永生的应许更大的喜乐了。然而我们也 有因着参与了带领人到耶稣面前去而得的喜乐。我一生中最大的喜乐之一就是与那些我可以像安德烈那样荣幸地对他们说,“你来看”的人一起去教会、一起敬拜 神。

5. It Accomplishes Assimilation 它完成了吸纳和融入的工作

Surveys show that if new Christians are not assimilated into the church in a relatively short period of time, there is a high probability that they will fall away and not remain active members. This plan calls for the person who brings the new member to Christ to also mentor that individual until he becomes incorporated into the congregation.


A church can do much to help in this process, but a concerned mentor can add greatly to those efforts. Some of the things they can do are: introduce the new member to other members of the congregation (especially those with whom they have something in common); encourage them to come to church and Bible study, continue to spend time with them, and be available to answer any questions they may have.


Conclusion 结论

I'm glad that you have visited this web site. I hope that through it you have learned what "The Andrew Plan for Outreach and Assimiliation" is all about. Before you leave this site I would also urge you to read the Comment section to see what others have had to say about it. And finally I would also urge you to read the success stories of those who have implemented this plan. In doing so, I am sure you will be convinced that not only is the Andrew plan a great plan in theory, but that it actually works !

我很高兴你访问了这个网站。我希望通过你的访问你已经学到了 “福音传道与吸纳新成员的安得烈计划”的全部内容。在你离开网站前,我也想极力推荐你去阅读“留言”的部分,看看其他人对这个计划怎么说。最后我也强烈建 议你阅读那些实施这个计划的“成功事例”。如此,我敢肯定你将确信安德烈计划不只是理论上很美好,在现实中也很有用!

Sincerely in Christ,
Jim Lillo

Jim Lillo is a 1967 graduate of Bethany Lutheran Seminary in Mankato, Minnesota. He served as a pastor for 15 years; 5 years in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and 10 years in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Currently he is retired and living in Watertown, Wisconsin where he is a member of St. Mark's Lutheran Church. He serves there as a volunteer visitation pastor.