The Andrew Plan
The following are responses and comments submitted concerning the Andrew Plan.
Pastor Thomas Fricke April 09, 2005
Dear Jim,

Thanks for the mailing on "The Andrew Plan". It's an idea that meets the requirements of a great outreach strategy. It's simple and it gets lay people involved so that the pastor is free to do what he's best equipped to do-teach the Word. I'm going to be sharing this idea with our Outreach Committee.
Thanks for the encouragement.
Prof. David J. Valleskey (P.em.) March 16, 2005
Dear Jim,
Thank you for sending me your brochure on "The Andrew Plan for Outreach and Assimilation." It benefits members in at least two ways: 1)It gives them a simple way to do evangelism ("Come and see"); and 2) it gives them the opportunity to have their own faith strengthened through a systematic study of God's Word. And, of course, it can be a wonderful blessing with eternal consequences for those who have not yet come to know Christ as Savior to have a friend bring them to a Bible information class where they can learn of their Savior and then continue to remain at their side as a sponsor to help assimilate them into the life and work of the congregation.

I also appreciate the fact that you are not speaking only in a theoretical way. You have been doing what you propose, and God has blessed your efforts.

We now belong to Beautiful Saviour Congregation in Carlsbad, CA. I am going to show your brochure to our pastor, Silas Krueger, and also to the evangelism committee chairman and encourage them to think seriously about implementing such a plan.

God be with you and bless you in your efforts to bring a growing number of souls to Jesus. A blessed Holy Week and Easter to you!
Prof. Paul E. Eickmann (P.em) March 13, 2005
Dear Jim,

Thanks for including me in your mailing of "A Simple Plan, etc."I like it that 1) it does not pretend to be a complete plan for evangelism; 2) any member can participate and profit greatly by participation; and 3) it aims at a more complete sharing of the Word than most evangelism plans.

Our purpose is not just to "tell people about Jesus", but to help them become informed, growing Christians, members of confessional congregations. God bless your efforts to help pastors and congregations reach North America for Christ.
Prof. Richard Balge (P.em) March 11, 2005
Dear Brother Lillo

Your "Andrew Plan" seems sound and practical. It has the advantage of your "field testing" it, with sucess.

It seems that many congregations that do good work in gathering then fall down when it comes to assimilation.

Grace and peace in Christ Jesus.
Pastor Dave Krenke (P.em.) February 16, 2005
The Andrew Plan is fabulous-so simple it's truly deep! Use it, and share it wherever you can.
Pres. John A. Moldstad November 28, 2004
Greetings to you from your friends in the ELS:

Thank you for your "Andrew Plan" letter. I read with interest your plan for outreach and assimilation.

With your permission, I would like to share some of your concepts with our ELS Home Missionaries at an upcoming seminar in Orlando, FL. I would also appreciate any illustrations/ancedotes that you might give concerning your Andrew Plan.

In Christ's saving grace,

John A. Moldstad
Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Note: Pres. Moldstad graciously emailed both the Andrew Plan pamphlet and the "Responses To The Andrew Plan" to all the pastors and professors of the ELS.